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Structural Tube comes in many different shapes and sizes, most of which we have in stock.

Our in store stock includes R.H.S (Rectangular Hollow Section) & S.H.S (Square Hollow Section), Pipe (Black, Galvanised & Painted), Linepipe & Steel Buttweld Fittings, E.R.W (Black, S/Bright & Galvanised).

R.H.S & S.H.S

Most sizes stocked – Please enquire for most information.
6500mm lengths – Up to 25×25.
8000mm lengths – 30×30 and above.


Come in black, galvanised and painted.
Various wall thicknesses – from extra light to heavy and extra heavy.

Linepipe & Steel Buttweld Fittings

Please enquire for more information regarding linepipe and steel buttweld fittings.


Comes in black, s/bright and galvanised.
Most sizes from (12.7 x 1.6) to (88.9 x 1.6), 6100 lengths.

Patio Tube

Galvanised Patio tube – 6100mm and 8000mm lengths.

Please enquire for non-standard lengths.